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Awards at the Faythe School

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Class of the Week

Just like last year on each Monday the class teacher will discuss with the class what target they want to focus on for the coming week. These targets can be academic / behavioural or organisational - the important thing is that through guided discussion the children decide on what they want to target and then work on.

Mr. Turner or Ms. Kelly will circulate the 'merit sheet' where the teacher records what the class target for that week is.

During the week the teachers will revisit the week's target with the class and monitor it. On Friday the merit sheet is sent around and a 'out of 15' is given. (Three points can be scored each day - from start of school to morning break / from morning break to lunch and from lunch to home time.)

In the event of a draw the winning class is 'drawn from a hat' and the results announced over the intercom.

The winning class is awarded €10 - this can be banked towards a trip or to subsidise the tour cost / spent on 'pop-corn' for 'golden time' / buying a small treat for the class. Again the choice in what to do with 'the winnings' will be determined by the class.

See 'Roll of Honour' below: - 

Week Beginning





Target for that week was 

18th Sept.

Ms. Gahan's 5th & 6th Class

tied with

Mr. French's 4th Class




Hand up to speak.


Being nice to everyone 

 25th Sept.  Mr. Murphy's 6th  14  Being quiet on count
 2nd October  Ms. La Roche's J.Infants

 Working Quietly in Class

 9th October  Ms. Hore's 2nd Class 13   Working Quietly
 16th October  Not done - 3 day week - Storm Oephelia    
 23rd October  Mr. Doyle's 3rd Class 12   'Hands on top! That means stop!'
 6th November Ms. Mullins 1st & 2nd Class  Lining Up 

 13th November

Mrs.Nolan's 2nd Class

 13  Lining Up and Walking Quietly 
 20th November  Ms. La Roche's Junior Infants  2  'Putting our hands up to speak'
 27th November  No Awards given N/A N/A 
 4th December

 Ms. Murphy's 1st Class

tied with

Mr. Ó Donagáin's 5th Class


Walking quietly and respectfully through the school. 


Lining Up

 11th December

 Mr. French's 4th Class  11  Patiently waiting to get ready for 'home.'
15th January  Ms. Forde's 3rd Class 4 Trying to line up properly on yard.
 22nd January Ms. Murphy's 1st Class  9  Lining up well
 29th January Ms. Gahan's 5th & 6th Class   9A  No interuptions
5th February  Mr. Ó Donnagáin's 5th Class  15  Putting hands up when wanting to speak. 

Fairtrade School 


Last week, after a long wait, some of our 6th Class pupils received word they had been hoping for since the last academic year - the Faythe School has been acknowledged as a 'Fairtrade School.' 

This campaign, started by the now departed Ms. MacFadden, and her then class of 5th & 6th Class followed a discussion in Geography class. All agreed that it’s only fair that the people who produce what we eat, wear and use should get paid enough to live on and a chance to improve their lives. This discussion led to the 'fairtrade website.'

Over the course of six months the class studied 'fairtrade' before promoting the 'fairtrade comment' video throughout the school. The adults were persuaded to change from their usual brands of tea, coffee and sugar used in the staffroom to 'fairtrade' brands with a similar approach adopted in food and drinks bought for the 'Breakfast Club.' To finish the glass display cases in the foyer were commandeered and used to heighten the awareness of all visitors to the school  of the huge range of 'fairtrade' products now available as  everyday products. It was a very effective way to inform people that using 'fairtrade' brands , guarantees a living wage and a chance to improve their lives for those who produce them. 

Though most associated  with this project have gone, the framed 'Fairtrade Certificate' in the 'front hall' is a reminder of this noteworthy project completed by Ms. MacFadden's 5th & 6th Classes of 2014-15. Well done to all involved!!


D.E.S. Digital School of Distinction

D.E.S. Digital School of DistinctionEveryone connected with the school were delighted to hear the news that the Faythe School is the first school in Wexford town (and only the third in the county) to be awarded the prestigious Digital School of Distinction Award.

This award is the Department of Education and Skills flagship programme to promote and acknowledge best practice use of ICT to deliver the best educational experience for pupils at primary level. It aims to build on the progress already made by primary schools in ICT integration and to encourage them to strive for further progression and improvement. So far, only ninety primary schools in the country have achieved this award.

That the Faythe School has achieved it is a massive validation of the investment in ICT by the BOM over the past few years, in stark contrast to the absence of any DES funding for ICT at the same time. It is also an acknowledgement of the continuous professional development undertaken by the staff to keep abreast of the rapid changes in technology that allows them 'deliver the best educational experience for pupils at primary level' on a daily basis.

Congratulations to all concerned.


W.I.T. – School of Excellence – Literacy - 2013 & Numeracy - 2013. 

School of Excellence - Literacy.pngOver the winter of 2012-13  two teams of teachers attended the Waterford Institute of Technology’s ‘School of Excellence’ Programme encouraging teachers to look at how they work.

The Faythe School was one of the few schools of the 49 from Tipperary, Waterford, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wicklow and Wexford that had teams of teachers work on both Literacy and Numeracy. Certificate presentations took place last Friday night in WIT and are proudly displayed in the entrance hall of the school.

Thanks, and well done, to Orla Fitzgerald, Ursula Kelly, Doireann MacFadden, Rose Marie Breen, Lar Whelan and Eoin Doyle for their participation in this worthwhile initiative.

W.I.T. – School of Excellence – Numeracy - 2013







‘An Taisce’ – Green School – 5th Flag for the Faythe! 

 Green School.png

There was great excitement recently when Ms. Griffin-Jones announced that she had received word that the school had won its 5th Green Flag.

This well deserved award is the result of two years of hard work by all in the school but particularly by the 'Green Schools Committee.'

This year's committee comprised of pupils Sarah Pitman and Jade Malone from 2nd Class, Ellie Murphy O'Gorman and Killian Whelan from 3rd, Erinn O'Connor and Rachel O'Leary from 4th & 5th and Katie O'Leary and Caoimhe Siggins from 5th & 6th, parents and guardians Anita Byrne and Bridget Geary who were joined by staff members Pauline Duggan, Ursula Kelly, Doireann MacFadden, Aisling O'Connell and Anne Griffin-Jones.

On Wednesday 21st May 2014, two of our sixth class students went to Kilkenny with Ms. O'Connell and Ms. MacFadden to collect the flag which will be raised and displayed outside the school in the near future.


D.E.S. - Scoilnet's Star Site - recognising schools that are embracing the web as a communication tool.

Using much of the content of the first site, parent and IT wizard, Abe Silva (AWD Solutions) worked with the staff to totally transform the site which can be viewed on any device connected to the internet. Embracing the latest technology, the new site allows for instant communication with the entire Faythe School community.

Awarded Scoilnet’s much-coveted Star Site award in November 2013, the award affirms the hard work of parent (and IT wizard) Abe Silva and the ‘techies’ on staff. Such collaboration typifies the whole school / community spirit that is the cornerstone of all staff try to do at the school on a daily basis. It is hoped all Faythe school people (past, present and future) continue to interact via the website, which has become such an excellent teaching, learning and communication tool. 

The Scoilnet citation reads “This is a really excellent school website. Professionally designed and very colourful - like the school itself. Navigation on the site is through the tabs at the top and these really give just about anything you would expect from a school site. The Parents information, in particular, was very comprehensive.

The Students tab presents a lot of support material for students. We were impressed by the science videos which are part of the school's 'Scien-tastic' programme. The site also has a secure section accessed through a sign-in and positive behaviour / anti-bullying information is accessible from the bottom of each page.”


D.E.S. - Active School Flag 

D.E.S. - Active SchoolAll connected with the school are justifiably proud of the Faythe being Wexford town’s only ‘blue flag’ school – the Department of Education and Skills official recognition of schools that strive to achieve a physical educated and physically active school community.

Each year staff strive to bring an added dimension to physical activities of offer to our pupils. 






Wexford in Bloom - School Garden Winners 

Wexford in Bloom

Under the stewardship of Ms. Mullins the school garden won a Gold Medal in the Wexford in Bloom Competition 2014, an award last won by the school in 2012.

Well done to all involved!!

The cross community work between the South End Family Resource Centre and the school are the keys to the gardens continued source of enjoyment (and success) for all at the school.







D.S.E. Discovery Primary Science and Maths - 6th Award 

Discovery Primary Science and Maths

Discover Primary Science and Maths is a flagship project run by the Discover Science & Engineering (DSE) awareness programme. DSE is managed by Science Foundation Ireland on behalf of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation.

The programme aims to develop creativity in our children, show them how important science is to our everyday lives and more importantly how much fun it can be!







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