First Aid Policy
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First Aid Policy

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Organisational Practices:

  1. first aidMinor accident or injury is one where child has received scrape, graze or minor cut to arm, leg or body.

  2. Serious accident or injury is one where child has received injury which may require further treatment, or any head injury.

  3. A First Aid Box is located at first aid station in corridor for all injuries.

  4. Post Holder responsible for First Aid is Rose-Marie O’ Loughlin and is consulted with any injury considered serious, who in turn will notify principal and parents thereafter by secretary or Post Holder if necessary.

  5. Parents will take responsibility for further medical attention. Parents have given

    permission on school enrolment forms to take child to hospital in case of accident or serious illness.
    Emergency contact numbers are located in the office and are updated regularly.

  6. For minor accidents that do not require parent’s presence, class teacher will inform parents when child is collected or child themselves will tell parents.

  7. Class First Aid Kits contain – sterile wipes, plasters, dry gauze, plastic latex gloves.

  8. Travel First Aid Kits & First Aid Kit contains – sterile wipes, plasters, dry gauze, plastic latex gloves, savlon spray & cream, paper stitches, conforming bandage, sling, cotton wool, scissors, tweezers, distilled water & surgical tape. Ice Packs stored in fridge. Post Holder is responsible for ordering supplies and re-filling First Aid Boxes.

  9. Post Holder will keep updated in First Aid Training and Practices.



  • Cuts, grazes, blood injuries – Teacher while wearing disposable gloves cleans wound using sterile wipes, savlon cream/spray and puts on plaster if necessary.

  • All gloves and waste are discarded after each injury.

  • Sprains/suspected breaks – ice pack applied, Post Holder and/or Principal are notified and parents are contacted.

  • Head Injuries are always checked by Post Holder and Principal, child is monitored and Parents are contacted.

  • In case of emergency, Principal will be notified and will call ambulance.

  • Recovery Position diagram displayed in First Aid Station.

  • Administering Medication- see policy.

Updated & Approved by B.O.M. on 16/02/’11. For review in 2014.



  • An Accident Report Form is filled out for all serious injuries or accidents or any head injuries. (Copy of Accident Report Form Attached.)

  • These records are kept by Post Holder.

  • School maintains these records for 10 years.

  • At the end of each academic year Accident Report Forms are placed in relevant student’s file.

  • Records are submitted to the BOM in line with Appendix 47 as cited in No.2 in Organisational Practices.

  • Serious incidents are reported to school insurance company in line with company policy which states :

  • Notify the company of any incident which is likely to give rise to a claim.

  • Get an early report from any witnesses to the incident.

  • Whilst being sympathetic and helpful, do not do or say anything which might be interpreted as an admission of liability.

  • If the incident involves equipment, it should be removed from service and kept for inspection.

  • Photographs taken of the exact location soon after the accident may prove invaluable in the event of an action against the school.

  • Forward solicitor's letters or other correspondence regarding the accident to the Company immediately and without reply

  • In event of serious accident or injury the school has an arrangement to inform school insurers and complete usual incident report form.



  • Child’s enrolment form allows parents to inform school regarding pupil’s health/allergies.

  • Parents should inform class teacher/office if any updated information.

  • This information is kept in child’s file in the office.

Updated & Approved by B.O.M. on 16/02/’11. For review in 2014.


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