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Thursday, 6th August 2020

The "Blessing of the Babies"...

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The yearly ritual with the priest wasn't all. Before Confirmation every pupil was again packed to the brim with religion and sent off to Rowe Street Church to be asked questions by no less a personage than the Bishop. Stories ran rife about those who were not allowed to make their Confirmation because they couldn't answer a question. Silly answers given by schoolboys caused hysterical giggles. Somehow everyone was confirmed in the end and there was always the hope you would end up in the queue going to a priest rather than his Lordship himself.


There was one Religious ceremony held in the school each year that did not require any knowledge of Catechism at all. It was the day when the envied pupil was not the one who could answer all the questions or had the prettiest dress. All that was needed to be the heroine of the day was to have a new baby at home. The ceremony, of course, was, and still is, the "blessing of the babies" which takes place on the feast of the Presentation each year. Children craned their necks and went out to the toilet several times to see if Mammy was coming with the baby. Sometimes the treasured baby was brought into the classroom and everyone "oohed!" and "aahed!" in delight. Usually the confused infant took one look at the black clad nun and howled!

Thankfully this beautiful tradition of presenting babies to the Lord still continues. It began in the oratory of the old school many years ago. Nowadays it takes place during a Mass sung by the school pupils. It does not seem to create as much excitement amongst the pupils as it used too, but it is nice to think that your little baby brother or sister is in the school for that one day.

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