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The First Register...

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The children's names were written down officially for the first time on 2nd January 1899, twenty four years after the school had opened. Only girls were recorded and the first name on this roll book is six year old Lucy Kelly from Batt Street. There are seventy names altogether, some of the children were only three years of age. All of the names, of course, were written in English.

The most popular names at the time were Mary, Lizzie, Lillie and Maggie and that is how they are written not as Ellen, Elizabeth, and Margaret. Fathers' occupations were also recorded. Not one was unemployed. Twenty five of the children's fathers were labourers, there were fourteen sailors and many fishermen. There was also a policeman, a butcher, baker, moulder, fitter, shoemaker, watchmaker, coachman, publican, pilot, blacksmith, telegraph man, tinsmith, a cabinet maker and a watchman.

The Faythe School was always primarily a girls' school, but from the beginning boys attended the school in Infants and First Class. They then went to the Christian Brothers. The boys' register begins on July 1st 1902. The first boy's name on this register is that of Nicholas Marshall. He was seven years old. He lived in Parnell St., and his father was a labourer. Ninety three boys were registered that day. Some of them were infants of three or four. Again the addresses and fathers' occupations are recorded. This time we have a pipe maker, a watchmaker and a servant amongst them.

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