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Annual Reports

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"Under Section 20 of the 1998 Education Act a BOM shall establish procedures for informing parents of students in the school of matters relating to the operation and performance of the school...."

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2018 - 19

 2017 - 18

2016 - 17

2015 - 16

2014 - 15

2013 - 14

2012 - 13

2011 - 12



In 2011, the Minister for Education and Skills published the National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy among Children and Young people.

The strategy demanded that schools set targets for improving literacy and numeracy.

Both the Literacy and the Numeracy strategy created by the staff and endorsed by the BOM are available below.

School Improvement Plan for Literacy

School Improvement Plan for Numeracy



Section 5 of the DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools) action plan for educational inclusion calls for an increased emphasis on planning at school, target-setting and measurement of progress and outcomes for our pupils.

Please click below for the

Faythe School’s DEIS Plan for 2013-16.

Faythe School’s DEIS Plan for 2016-19.


FTI (Follow Through Inspection) following the WSE (Whole School Evaluation)

The FTI, published in February 2015, can be encapsulated by 'the school has taken a range of worthwhile actions pursuant to the recommendations in the whole-school evaluation of February 2012' ....the report in full can be read by clicking below



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